Saturday, March 5, 2016

Back To The Usual Weekend of Being Busy!

Today I was up early - even after I stayed up late. I wanted to watch "Sleepless in Seattle" last night and ended up staying up till 11:30 pm.

While I was up, I worked on the Baltimore Liberty Quilt block.

I realized after I appliqued two of the blocks down that I made them into stars.

They were supposed to be rounded not pointed. But when one is up late and just wanting to work on something, one gets what they get. As for me, I'm leaving them there. I have four more start flowers to put on. Then the centers will be put on. I really do want to finish this up so I can start working on the embroidery work.

Today was another day....I didn't get anything done. I was up early and did my usual playing. After that Patrick was up and I got ready to leave. We went grocery shopping. I've been doing the Safeway Monopoly game. So, I had coupons for 10 free tickets, and after shopping we got 23 more. I didn't win anything yet. I've got the card full with one piece missing in just about each one of the game pieces. I did get instant win tickets for eight more game pieces. It just gives me something to do, chances of winning are slim, but I do keep hoping I get that slim chance.

After shopping we came home and waited about an hour before heading out to the movie, "Zootopia.." It's a really good movie! I loved it. Good story line and worth seeing. We had two free tickets on our rewards card, so it was a cheap movie. Then we went to Wendy's for supper and that was even cheaper - four for $4. I didn't eat the fries, gave those to Patrick.

Now we are home and I was working on my games getting them on track since there are challenges that needed to be done.

I was looking up the grocery cart seat on line. There are some good patterns, and I think I can do them. I just don't know which one would be the best pattern. I will check YouTube out for a good pattern. I ant to make one with batting, to make it softer than just fabric. Talked to Katt about it today. Looks like he wants pink and purple since it's going to be a little girl. I don't have much with pink, but will get something for her. She's willing to pay for it. I need elastic and something else. Will check the pattern again and see what I need. May change the pattern a bit to make it easier to make. I always think some patterns have too much work or seams in them. I tend to change them a little bit.

Tomorrow is moving furniture for my parents. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Each day comes and goes. Either I do some work or I don't. Can't plan my days....everyone knows how that turns out! So, wishful thinking of tomorrow being Happy Quilting!

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