Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cat is Starting to Show Through!

Today is another day. It was cool this morning and we walked 2 3/4 miles today. We tried a different way around the houses. It helped us get an extra little bit. Ruth was really moving! For someone who had knee surgery she's doing great.

I worked on my amazon account. I wanted to go to the QOV meeting, but the weather was a little more than I wanted to deal with. The winds are really going! It's been off and on all day. We had trees really bending. Haven't lost a tree yet, but almost wondering if we might. I'm glad Patrick took out the dead trees last month. That would have been something if it would have fallen. The bamboo trees by the house are bending more than I've seen them do in a very long time. Guess we have more winds coming tonight too. So far, so good, we still have electricity.

I was missing Charlie with all the winds! We used to sit here together and keep each other calm. She'd sleep on me and I'd feel better.

I watched a couple shows I missed this last week. While I was watching the shows I was appliqueing on the 2 Fabric Applique - "Cat Nap" by Connie Johnson Sayler. I thought it was Nancy Chong's pattern but it's Connie's.

 I had this much done last night. At least the front of the paw. I worked on the paw before I took the photo.

The cat is starting to show through. I'm happy with the way it's coming along. It's taking time but it's going quickly. I do agree with Nancy S. from our group - 2 fabric applique does get boring and one has to do something else. I'm not sure if I will work on it tonight or not.

I had wanted to quilt downstairs but then knew I had to get a couple things done first.

Today was the QOV meeting in Tumwater. I wanted to go! After thinking about it, decided I didn't want to drive up there on the freeway with that kind of wind! My car would want to go into another lane. Not a safe thing to do. So, stayed home. I thought I would work on the eagle during the time I should have been up there - but got side tracked with the Cat Nap. I realized today was March and since I'm teaching a class, I seriously need to finish this to show at the shop. I'm not going to quilt it, since I'm not teaching quilting. I'm just teaching how to do the 2 fabric applique - AKA reverse applique.

I baked a homemade Pizza and a Pizza Dessert of cinnamon & sugar. It turned out great. Patrick has plenty of left overs. lol I hate pizza leftovers.

I keep being reminded to work on the letters for the blog. Way too many things going on right now!

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I can get moving back downstairs and get a couple hours of quilting in. Since I don't have any plans tomorrow, I will try and get some quilting done. Life is good as long as we're Happy Quilting!

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