Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day of Applique With My Group

Today was up early but no walking. We weren't able to get any walking in because of the wind and rain. The wind was going strong all night. Woke me up a few times. It was still going strong this morning.

I waited before heading off this morning. I had to get my blood drawn. The gal didn't seem too happy this morning, but that's okay. Wasn't there long. From there went to mom and dads. Figured since I had the time, I'd go visit. 'Course mom had a cold. She didn't look too good. Dad was going to take her to the doctors if he could get her in. Need to call and check on her. Had dad take a small walk with me around the houses. We had a good walk. Only walked .83 of a mile, but that's good for dad. He leg was bothering him a little.

I went on to our meeting. Had a good time. Took the pattern of mom's over to the shop to set up a class for beginning applique. Not that that would matter, Nancy Lee Chong is going to be giving a class in May. Not sure if our class will be full or not. Nancy usually draws beginners. I will be interesting. Nancy's class is a little more expensive. Maybe that will help us out. lol

I'm getting there. More and more is getting done. I told Rita I would have this done by let's hope that happens. I have to take a few things to the shop on Monday so it better be done by then. I tend to want to work on my "job" on the computer and spend time on that when I should be working on the quilt. I have tomorrow to work on it, and will try to get moving on it.  I really need to get this done. The photo shows it better then it shows from a distant. Patrick said he didn't think there is enough contrast to the colors. I'll see what I think after it's done.

Sharon was asking me about the eagle. Wondered if I had it done. Told her no, I had it on my goal for this week, but haven't gotten to it yet. I'm hoping to get to it this weekend. Heard Donna was back and I really need to get it over to her.

Sun is going down without the help of rain. I'm enjoying my time lately. Was asked why I haven't been to the Tuesday group and told her I was finding my Tuesdays getting busier than they were last year. She said something in the line of "need to cut back on stuff and come see us." I can't believe I was told that, but understand that. I already cut back on a lot of stuff and that group was one of them. I don't want to be so busy that I can't spend time working on my genealogy, quilting, cross stitch, or even breathing. I'm slowly cutting back a lot of stuff.

In the meantime, I'm still going strong and Happy Quilting!

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