Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hello Thursday!

Today was a day of walking 2,5 miles. We had a good walk. Ruth had Weight Watchers this morning and of all the mornings I was late because of sleeping! I was able to get moving by 7:30 am so it was okay.

I enjoyed the day to myself. I did what I wanted to do, which wasn't much really. I did put in a few hours of computer work. I actually like doing the work, so I put the time in - even though it's really not WORTH my time. I don't make a lot of money but I do like doing the work.

I worked on my Cat Nap today. Didn't get much done.

Same photo from yesterday. I have the noise done, and starting to work around the cheek area.

I also baked a cake that was from my 2nd great grandmother's recipe. I found her wedding cake recipe in her diary. It's "Lizzy's Wedding Cake" 1894. She didn't say what she did to make the cake, but had most of the measurements in it. I tried to think of what they did back in the 1800's to bake. They didn't have what we have today in the way of beaters, oven, etc. I liked it but Patrick thought it was too plain. I don't know if I should add vanilla next time or even try self raising flour. I'll keep working on it to see if I can get it close to what it should be. She had a "filling" for the cake and I used it as a filling and frosting. I'm wondering if she had a normal frosting on the cake with the filling in there. I think I needed to make the filling a little thicker, but not sure.

I just went to get the 1857 Album Quilt blocks that are out this month. I noticed the blog has a "members" part. I checked on it, and wasn't too thrilled to see a fee to be a member of that page.

In that thought, I'm finding a lot of really pretty applique quilt patterns getting to be way to expensive. I don't understand why patterns should be going as high as $75! That's a lot to have a pattern that may or may not get done! I saw a quilt I thought would be great to make, and found that each block cost $24. By the time I bought all the blocks (12) and the border - which is even more! - It will cost me over $100.....and with me having the trouble of finishing what I started....why would I pay $100 for a pattern? The patterns that are pieces, are not a problem because I can make that pattern out on paper without any problems. I learned how to make block patterns years ago. Rarely today will I buy a pattern for a quilt that is pieced, So, I guess if applique is going to cost more, then I'll just have to make my own patterns and share them. I'm not money "hungry." (smiling)

Tomorrow is quilting at moms, so I'll take the Cat Nap and get more done. I wanted to have it done for the shop tomorrow but that "ain't" going to happen. I'll try and have it done by our next meeting next week at the shop.

May we all be Happy Quilting!

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