Monday, March 28, 2016

One Quick Day!

Today started out without a walk. I got my stuff ready for my Brazilian Embroidery group meeting. I got on the computer before I had to leave. I wanted to get a few things done before heading out.

Arrived at our meeting. We were making scissor fobs for the seminar in June. The scissor fobs we got done look great and are a little longer than some. We are working on 125. We were able to get 37 done, once we figured out who was doing what. It went great. I didn't think of taking photos. We will be doing more next time as well. The fun part is that we will be making  a few extras for those of us that are going to seminar and we will be making at least one each.

This piece hasn't gotten anything added to it. I may work on it this week. Hard to say.

Today was just one of those days. I got home, ate lunch, worked on the bookkeeping. I do our BFF group, the water, and our checkbook. Once I got that all done, I was working on the laundry as well. I walked down and got the mail for our neighbors that are gone. Picked up our mail and entered the registration information on the TAS meeting in May. Once that was done, had to get supper going. After I put the steak on the grill - realized Patrick was going to the City Council meeting and was going to be late. That poor steak cooked too long. It was good, but more like how mom likes her steak - well done.

I cleaned up and then worked on my pogo games to get my badge. Still need to work on the one. Patrick said, "8 o'clock" which usually means time to do my exercises.  Took a break, did the exercises and wanted to post my blog. UGH.

No idea where the day went. I didn't get much done on the cross stitch - so no "new" photo. I'll do that later. Hard to believe I didn't even get to work on my amazon account!

Okay, tomorrow is another day! Hopefully it's Happy Quilting!!

Family Is Starting To Arrive

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