Friday, June 3, 2016

An Interesting Day......

Today started out early, texted Ruth to see if she wanted to walk before doing the garage sale. She couldn't so I decided to get up anyway.

I went downstairs and ironed all the freezer paper pieces on the fabric I'm using for the Rebecca Campbell patterns. I have the leaves ready to put down, and now I can get the flower set to applique down. This block is "Kasey." I love the patterns in this book. Plus I'm having fun with the technique. 

A couple times I walked down to our neighbors house to see how the garage sale was going. They are selling stuff for the "Chehalis Food Bank." Whatever sells is what is being donated to the bank. They were getting low on stuff and wondered if they would have enough for tomorrow, so I had Patrick take down the stuff we were saving for a garage sale. I loaded up half the truck and he loaded up the rest. We took it down there and I helped set everything out. While I was there, the sign was still up and we had several people stop. We must of sold $20 in that time. Most was what we took down.

I then took a couple hours in the afternoon to work on Judie's cross stitch. I wanted to do some of the outlines. It took me a little bit to figure out where she was working. I worked on the wing. I have more to do as one can see. Looking forward to finishing the babies as well. 

I was playing with my camera. I took some photos of the African Violets that we have. 

They turned out pretty good. 

Was in an "awkward" position. They turned out pretty good though. 

I haven't received my order yet for the "Anne's Keepers" and had to send a message to the company. May not order from them again at this rate. They were late last time too. 

Okay, life is good, I'm working on my projects and having fun! Happy Quilting!

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