Sunday, June 26, 2016

Another Busy Sunday...Sort of.....

Didn't want to get up this morning. That's unusual for me. I did put some rolls in the oven. Had some sweets this morning. Not the best but haven't had them in awhile.

Decided to get some cleaning done. Did laundry and took stuff out on the line. After laundry was going, I headed downstairs.

This is my mess from coming back from Seminar. I just "dumped" everything on my counter. I worked on putting stuff away. The first thing that I did, was pull out Phill's sleeping bag to fix the opening.

LOL! It looks like a butt shot!! It's the bag! Anyway, I sewed this up and there was another spot that was ripping as well, so I sewed that down to. That got one thing off my sewing table that needed to be done. Since I borrowed the sleeping bag, it was only right that I fix it.

This is the kit that Bev had. I decided to take her BOM that she had. These are really cute. There isn't any border fabric but that's fine. I'm not crazy about the strips and plaids.

While Patrick was outside, he tapped my window to show me the deer in the yard. They were worried about momma as she was getting "shuuuu'd" from the neighbor. Momma got in the neighbors yard while the two little ones were still in our yard.

She finally got out of their yard, and took off! lol

She went through that corner to the neighbors house.

After all that fun, I was able to get this cleaned up! Its looking better. I still need to sew up the corners to get the pink bag (in the middle) so it stands up. I will do that later. I just wanted to get my counter at least half way cleaned up.

After we came home from the movies, I found a butterfly around the flowers. I hurried up to get a photo of them! I was surprised I actually got one!! It was flying around like crazy.

I loved seeing it.

I haven't had the chance to sit down and do my crafts today, that's coming up in a little bit. I did do some genealogy. I was finding my 4th gr grandfather married 4 times, but I'm thinking it's a little confusing right now and will work on that.

I'm heading in the direction of Happy Quilting!

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