Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day Of Picking Blueberries....

This morning started out delivering all the papers for the water system to all our neighbors. We then went walking down Jackson Hwy and over to the golf course. We were both surprised that when we used to walk it a couple years ago, we thought it was 3 to 4 miles. Today we figured out it was only 2 miles. We get more walking done now then we did then. We actually walked 3 miles today, because we walked around the area we normally walk.

Got home and started picking blueberries.

Picked 8 cups of blueberries in our own back yard. I cleaned them up and put them in the freezer. Then Ruth called for me to come help her with her blueberries. We picked for another hour. We got 3 buckets full for her. I brought home a bucket and cleaned them up as well. Got twice the amount I had for my berries. So, guess one can say I cleaned 24 cups of berries! It took most of the morning and part of the afternoon by the time I was done.

Then sat and watched a Hallmark movie and worked on my Brazilian embroidery work.

Not real happy with the second flower. I will fill in more. I was looking at it and found where I could add more. I started on the third one and it's going along a lot better. I may just call it good. I don't want to rip out another flower because I'm so picky!

I waited till after supper and then made some "tarts" that are rhubarb and blueberry. I hope they taste good. I wanted to do the strawberries but Patrick said since I have so much blueberries, I should just make it with blueberries. They smell good. Hope they taste as good.

Chatted with my cousin today (no not Donna). She's been really good! She got her weight down to 124. She and I were at the same weight a year ago. Guess I better get working! We had a "thing" of loosing together, then life got in the way for both of us. She's got me wanting to get back on the train and behave! I felt awful when I gained that extra 10 lbs! Mostly because of the meds that didn't work!

Oh, well, life is good, I'm happy and can't ask for more than that! (Other then getting my weight off!) (smiling) HAPPY QUILTING!

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