Saturday, June 18, 2016

Final Day Of BDEIG Seminar

Today I forgot to set my alarm cock, so at 6:30 am Bev asked if I was sleeping in. Guess at that point it was time to get up. Wasn't really awake, even after a shower. Went to breakfast and still didn't wake up. I must have forgotten my head on the pillow!

Went to my bird class and finished (sort of) my chickadee. It looks like the head is at an angle. Guess he's questioning the other birds. I was so relaxed and did so much better today then the first two days. I borrowed a snap frame. It worked 100% better. I do like the technique and looking forward to doing more. Loretta is an awesome teacher and at times thought she could have been doing something elsse since it was only 3 of us. She was happy to be there to help us out. We all appreciated her being there for us. I did forget my instructions and floss, so headed back to the room for my stuff. Used the lighter yellow on the belly and I liked it a lot better.

After lunch I loaded some of my stuff and get my bags partically loaded. I will probaby get it finished toniggt. We'll load the car before we go for breakfast. Then I helped Jeanette organize her floss. We had our banquets tonight. It turned out awesome. We had a barbershop quartet sing for us. After that was going to stitch but chaned my mind.

Have been thinking of a lot of embroidery that will work on my quilts. Looking forward to adding them in! Looking forward to being Happy Quilting!!

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