Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Getting Ready......

After my usual walk, I came home and enjoyed a couple hours of relaxing. I woke early this morning - 6 am. 

I got started on filling my suit case for Monday. I know it's early but I needed to do that because knowing Patrick, he's got this weekend planned. By the time I'd get to packing, I wouldn't have time to remember what I need. I was getting it packed and realized I'm going to have plenty of room for one of my boxes I'm taking. 

I worked on the cross stitch in the afternoon. I also finished the owl cross stitch and I'm cleaning it up right now. I'm going to iron it and then I'll take a photo of it. 

Loved the flowers in Patrick's garden. 

Love the colors more. lol

Today was in the 60's and it felt good. I left the back door and the front door open to get some air in the house. It was cool and after awhile I had to shut the doors.

I FINALLY got my stuff for my Brazilian Embroidery. I ordered the Anne's Keepers and finally got them today. I've got my organized box ready and will be doing them while we are there. I'll get my floss and then I'll start loading them on the clips before I have class the next day. Monday night I will be busy! lol It will be fun though. 

Yesterday I made this from Cafedelight. It was awesome! I was munching on it all day!! I love the chocolate. 

Thought my son was coming over today, but he hasn't made it over yet. Thinking he forgot. May have to pick up the sleeping bag this weekend. 

I'm getting ready to go....loving every minute of it....can't wait to see how it goes.....and yet I'm still Happy Quilting!

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