Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!! Came Home From Seminar!

Today started off early. We all got packed and ready to leave. We arrived at the kitchen at 7:30 am. We were the last to leave the breakfast table too. Everyone that was there said good-bye to each other. We then started home at about 8:30 am. On the road we went - getting back to the house at 10 am. Thought Patrick was still sleeping but he came around the corner and brought in my suit cases.

While I unpacked, Patrick worked in the yard.

I had a lot of supplies and things to put away. I even worked on putting some floss in the box.

Hard to believe all the stuff I came home with!

We had my parents over for Father's Day. We played games. I showed them my class work and the patterns.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs. It was nice out on the deck and we had our dinner out there.

Tomorrow is a day to myself! I can't wait to relax! Wonder if I'll get up for walking tomorrow. I was falling asleep as we were playing. I was thinking of my kids when they were 2 - nodding their heads because they were so tired. Then the head would snap for them to wake up. I actually felt that bad...but it came back. Hoping I can sleep through the name.

I'm looking forward to being back to working on my quilting and craft projects.....Happy Quilting!

Happy President's Day!

I still have a heard time with that. I was so used to Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday. All that changed because of MLK....