Friday, June 10, 2016

Love Quilt Groups!

Today my Fitbit was dead, so I was only able to clock my walk this morning. I was doing really good and breaking records this week, but now I have to wait for the fitbit to recharge. ugh.

I then headed over to mom's to be with the group. We had a good turnout. Bev brought some of her books that she was giving away or selling. I bought her Civil War quilt book. I like the patterns plus the historical information that was included in it.

I worked on my eagle. I have the first arrow down. It's a little hidden because of the background. I have one more arrow to applique down and then I can put the body on. I have the body ready, so it shouldn't take too much to do that.

I also asked dad if I could see his metals. He has two of them on the wall. I took photos and then I also took a photo of his ribbons on his uniform. He didn't know where some of the metals were. Patrick was telling me not all ribbons have metals. Dad has 12 ribbons, I'm not sure if he has 12 metals or if he has some of both. Metals come with ribbons, so until I see the metals I'm not sure. One his so proud of is the "joint command" metal. I wasn't able to see that one. I will work on getting his ribbons added to the quilt. It should be interesting to see how I do this.

Mom finished up my block. This is the first of them to come in.

Bev finished this one. There is some yellow that needs to go in where the purple is and I haven't decided if I want to do that or not. I have the fabric to add them, and it may go on yet. I'm still working on mine.

We had a good time. I then went to Micheal's to get some "snap rings" for my embroidery floss. I bought two sizes, and will give one or two away if the others need them. I pretty much just needed 1 and I got 2 in a package. I saw some really cute color books there too! They had some pencils to go with the color books. I may go back later and buy myself a book. I did find one I liked.

After getting home, Patrick and I went to McMenimins for supper and a movie. We had a good time. I do like going out on Friday nights. Tomorrow I'm sure we will be going out as well. Good thing I have most of my stuff ready to go! I do need to add some sweatshirts to the suit cases.

Things look good and I was positively Happy Quilting!


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