Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Quilts of Valor Meeting Day!

Today we walked a little over 2.5 miles. Almost made it to 3 miles.

Headed up to Olympia to Ruby Street Quilt Works for our QOV meeting. It was one of those meetings that I didn't stay after. They had a presentation at 1 pm, but I came home before that. I didn't know ahead of time or I would have brought something to work on till they did that. Next month I am planning on being there and sew.

This is one of the quilts our group has done.

This quilt was donated to Whalen Quilt Works and Donna had it quilted. So, this will be ready to give away by our next meeting.

Here is another quilt. There were about 10 quilts in different stages that where shown. We are also doing quilts for the Veterans "rest area." I can't remember the name, but will let everyone know when I figure that out too.

Came home and went through my box of QOV stuff. I matched up my "half triangle squares" to the fabric and have them ready to sew. Just wasn't in the mood to sew them up. I found I was missing my 3" finished triangle paper. Guess I'll stop by the shop on Friday and get another roll. Can't for the life of me figure where I put them. It wouldn't be the first thing I put in "a safe place" and then couldn't find it.

The good news is that our weather is coming down. We were in the 80's today. We're going back down to the 60's in the coming days. I understand Texas is HOT today. Guess we traded places again. Never fails! I believe both TX and WA have been breaking all kinds of records!

I found this recipe on "cafedelights." (Instagram) This gal works on good recipes that are lower in fat, etc. She does give the calorie count when she does it too! This just looked too good to pass up. Haven't tasted it yet. She had whipping cream on her piece! I'm just loving the chocolate part!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get my laundry done, and getting my stuff ready for the Seminar next week.  I am hoping to get as much as I can in my suitcase. I'm also checking with my son for a sleeping bag. I think that will be awesome to take with, then won't have to take a quilt!

So, today was more for QOV and cooking. Still working on all my UFO's or WIP's. Life if good. Tomorrow is my father-in-law's Birthday!

Happy Quilting!!


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