Monday, June 6, 2016

Still HOT but not so bad today...or I Keep Telling Myself That!

My day started as usual, walking 2.54 miles. Got a lot of walking in. My rear felt a little tight, but then after that bike ride on Saturday why wouldn't it?! It was 60 degrees when we walked. It was 92 around 4 pm!

After the walk I was ready to go. Realized I needed gas, so had to stop at the gas station - price is up another 4 cents! We are paying $2.54, while everyone else is paying about $1.89!

I went to our Brazilian Embroidery meeting. Really didn't get much done as we were laughing so much. We did go over the stuff we needed to take with us. I won't be taking as much, but I'm betting it will make it hard to sleep! Guess the dorm beds are hard. I don't have an egg shell mattress to take with me, so I will just have to do with what I have. I seriously don't want to be buying everything I need to go with me. I can live with taking a pillow and quilt. If the bed comes apart then I'll have to figure something out while I'm there.

I was practicing on the "cast on mum." I found that doing it with my right hand is better than doing it with the left. I'm getting good at using both my hands to do the embroidery. Actually getting excited about going to Seminar next week! We are going to cancel our meeting the following Monday. Thinking of changing the date for the 27 since we won't be meeting on July 4th. May be awhile before we all get together again!

I worked on Judie's owls. It's coming along. I SHOULD have it finished by the weekend. It's coming along nicely.

I'm still working on the outline stitches. I also need to add the pole marks on the side of the post.  The big owl is done. Just finishing up the babies and the stump.

I'm thinking of passing on the quilt meeting on Thursday. I have QOV tomorrow and need to get my stuff ready for that meeting when I get back from walking. I will work on some more half square triangles. I have more ready to work on. May even put some blocks together. We'll see what tomorrow bring. I haven't seen Donna in two months, so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and see what she thinks.

Okay, I'm off. Need to get moving on getting more done! Want to finish the owls and get them washed and ironed before I go. That will be nice for Patrick to have from his mom.

I also need to get my quilt block ready to go to Council. Will try and get that mailed out on Friday. Then I'll post the photo of it. In the mean time...stay Happy Quilting!

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