Friday, September 16, 2016

A Day Behind

I completely forgot to do the blog last night. That is unusual for me. Decided there really wasn't much to blog about, so let it go. This will be for both days.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep in - because I could if I wanted to - so was up at the usual time. Funny how that works. On days I have a schedule to keep, I want to just stay in bed and sleep. The days I don't have anything to worry about AND I can't sleep! UGH

I didn't have to help my neighbor yesterday, so I just relaxed most of the day. Didn't get much at all done. I enjoyed the afternoon with the cat. I also had to prepare supper for the oven and then baked some dessert. I over cooked it a little. It said to put it in for 15-20 mins, so I did 17 mins. Guess I should have stayed with 15 mins. Oh, well.

Last night we went to the store for house plant you think I could find any?....NOPE. We had checked Walmart the other day and they only had two that would cost me $20, decided not to get them. We went to Sunbirds, and NOPE. Then we went to Goodwill and found some bowls that will work. One is a cookie jar. I'll deal with it! After that we went to Factory Outlet for our Seahawk shirts! They had a big sell and Patrick and I bought 2 shirts each. Trouble was, this is a yearly "tent" sale and so we ended up waiting in line for half an hour. I normally won't stay in line that long, but I did move around while Patrick waiting in line. I couldn't believe it! That line was long when we got there and it was just as long when we left. There are a LOT of Seahawk fans!!

Today I was up and running when Patrick got up. I went to the neighbors and helped her with her socks, then we walked a mile. She did really good. Ben (her sons dog) was busy and I was throwing his toy around for him to ware out! We had a good visit and then I left to get ready to go to moms. I had to get my stuff ready and then out the door I went. I took Ruth her stuff, called Ethel and told her I was on the way. Picked Ethel up and then went to moms.

This is mom's quilt. She's starting to work on the border now. It's really pretty too! This was P#'s BOM awhile back. She did awesome!

I worked on another one of the friendship blocks. I have a couple more to do. I was getting close to finishing this one. I'm not sure if I'll work on this in the coming week. Hard to say. I do have quilting on Thursday and that may be when I do. But then again, it's potluck next week. We'll see.

I came home and the cat was here. I was thrilled!

She's gun shy but she does love a pet! I have been able to get closer to her, and she has even let Patrick get close to her. She follows me when I go somewhere, but she won't let me get close to her when I'm walking around.

If I move to fast, she's off. But she is a lot of fun to have around.

So, tonight I really want to get moving on my cross stitch. Had a great day with friends, and I even bought a 20 1/2" square ruler from Judy. I came home with 3 more books. We had an awesome visit and I actually did some quilting stuff. I need to quilt on the quilt downstairs, but I'll get there!

Happy Quilting!

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