Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Day Of Stitching!

This morning I was up late. So, out the door late. Good thing Ruth was running late as well. Cherrill called and told me she didn't need us. So Ruth and I got our 2.5 miles in today.

Got home and decided to try and work on the quilt today. I started marking it so I could do the stitching on the border.

I was able to get 1 1/2 of these done. I finished the design on the corner. Then worked on the pieces. It was lunch time when I quit and went back to work on my cross stitch. I will take this with me tomorrow to work on. I need to remember my marking pencils.

Enjoyed a few minutes with the Kitty!

I was working on this area. It's more like confetti then anything! I'm keeping an eye on the different colors. I do like the way this is coming along. I have been able to get in about 600 stitches in over the last 2 days.

Loving the colors that come a live! I also got my pattern from HAED! I love it, and will have that added to work on as well!

I was able to get a lot of stitches in today. I really enjoyed it! Now I'm having to load my FTM (Family Tree Maker) on my laptop. Our computer is about ready to die, and I need my program available.

May we all be Happy Quilting!


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