Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Day of Bowling

Today started out with me not wanting to get up. I walked over to the neighbors and we walked a little farther today then we did yesterday. She said she has someone coming tomorrow so I didn't need to come back till Friday. Friday is quilting and I'm not sure if I want to go. Trouble is I found out today that I need to pick up Emily's grandmother and take her to quilting. Guess we'll see how that goes on Friday.

After spending time with the neighbor, I walked over to the Siamese kitty at our other neighbors. She was awesome! She even followed me home. I gave her some of my tuna fish that I was having for lunch today. We had a nice time out on the deck.

She's a beautiful cat and I'm trying to get her over to our house. I love this cat. Trying to decide if I want to take her to dad's or keep her. Time will tell. She's so much fun, but she's very "gun shy" so I think someone mistreated her a little. She does know what "no" means as she took off like a shot when I said "no" very low. I was surprised to see her take off like that. Patrick got her to let him pet her, so that's a start. We spent the afternoon together on the deck.

I did get a few stitches in on my cross stitch.

Sorry the photo is sideways. I'll work on it later.

We had bowling tonight and I landed flat on all fours! I came to a complete stop and fell! Didn't feel that great. I hurt my knees and one of them is bruised badly. Oh, well. I'll be feeling it for a day or two. I didn't bowl so good. Dropped my average by 8 pins. I'll get back up there, but it didn't feel good tonight. I was doing all kinds of weird things!

Life is good and I'm working on the cat as well as my cross stitch. I also have the next one in mind! Can't wait!!

Happy Quilting!

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