Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another Day of Planning..Gone Wrong!

Today I was up just before Patrick left. Mostly because he woke me up asking if I left the coat at the bowling alley last night. Came to find out, it was his coat I ware to the bowling alley! The difference between his and mine is that mine has a grey strip and his has a darker grey strip on the sleeves. So, then I was thinking I didn't forget it, but when it didn't show up in the trunk of the car, I figured I probably did. I tried calling the bowling alley but it was too early.

I then got ready to leave early for our meeting. I wanted to go get my hair cut, so headed over to get that done. Had to get gas, so ended up going through town. Was thinking of going to moms to get my applique box, but realized I had some applique to work on. Got the the hair place. Checked in, and was told it would be about 5 mins. No worries......well, as I was waiting, one gal was done, cleaned up, and walked out of the room. The other two gals were cutting hair. I waited, and watched the second gal (after the first gal helped her with her cutting), clean up her station. The first gal came out eating her breakfast - this was at 9:30 am! - and left the room again. 10 mins later, the second gal called my name. We talked and she trimmed my hair. Told her I would like her o braid it, and she did. While I was getting seated, the first gal came out and took the next person on the list. Told the gentleman that she just finished eating and to please excuse her. I was a little ticked, because the second gal was new to cutting. She did okay but could have been a little better. Figured, oh, well, and moved on.

Stopped and got my ice tea at McDonald's like I always do. Had to stop at the bowling alley on the way to get Patrick's coat. UGH  Then went to the shop. I was early, so I looked around.

I found this book that I'm really wanting! It's on my "wish" list!

This is a bad photo, but one gets the idea. I was working on this block that is part of the Baltimore Liberty quilt. I was surprised at how much I got done today. Because I really wasn't working much! I was moving around a lot! Mom called and wanted me to stop by around 1 pm. Then she called again and cancelled that.

I came home, sat down and Patrick called. I needed to meet him for a flu shot! I knew that! Did I remember that?! Heck no! So, it was a good thing I didn't start supper. Thought I would go the freeway to get there, then half way there changed my mind and went through town...big mistake. Got on the freeway for a short distance and then was at the station to meet Patrick. Got my shot and came home. Starting before Patrick, but he made it home first. Got stuck at every light there was, and Chehalis doesn't have a lot of lights!

Patrick asked me to fix his hole in his coat (this is close up). I tried, but not happy with the results. At least its under the arm! I'll be working on my satin stitch!!

I was able to get some of my cross stitching in before Patrick called on me. I had everything on my phone telling me what I needed to do. Trouble was, it went off and I ignored it, thinking it was something else. I KNOW better, but I just didn't check. So, I was early to the shop, late to get my shot and get supper going.

Oh, well, Happy Quilting!


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