Saturday, September 10, 2016

Double Post Today......

I guess I got lazy last night and didn't post on here. So, this will be a double post in one.

I woke later then usual yesterday, thinking that since Patrick was home, it was way too early. Looked at the clock at 8 am and realized he took Friday off. I got up and let him sleep.

When he did wake up, we went shopping. Not the "normal" shopping. First before we went shopping he went to get his hair cut. I had gotten mine cut the day before, so decided to stay home. While I was waiting on him to get back from work and hair cut, I got on the computer and worked on my family history. I was able to add a few more names to the tree. My tree is growing faster than I thought.

Patrick got back and we went to Home Depot of all places! But then we needed to go. It was time to get a new sink. This sink that we have been talking about and thinking about for over a year. I think it's about two years, but Patrick tells me it's a year. I'm betting I'm right. lol  I was even more surprised at how easy it turned out. We usually disagree with a lot of stuff when it comes to decorating the house. We ended up spending more than we wanted but we needed it. It turned out that not only did we need the sink, we needed the faucet. That was harder than the sink!

Then we called the folks to go out to eat. We drove down to Longview and ate at Sizzlers. By the time we came home, we played games. Which made it to the point of no crafts. I did do about 40 stitches in my cross stitch, but that was about it.

This morning I was up early. I even went to bed later because the book I was ready was so interesting and keep me going. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, either.

I did the usual morning routine. Then Patrick was up. I cleaned the kitchen so we could take the old sink out. (Uhmm, or I could try and help) The sink we had was lighter than the new one.

Sink out and waiting on Patrick.

He hooked up the faucet and had it ready to go. Then he decided it would be better to call Phil to come help put it in the cabinet. I can't seem to lift much lately. After the fun of bringing it into the house yesterday, he decided it would be easier just to get Scott or call Phil. Scott was at the UW game, so he called Phil. Phil was quick. He arrived spending 5 minutes to help and off he went. I gave him so blueberries we had in the freezer. Told him he knew where to find more.

Patrick took the afternoon putting the sink in. It looks great! I'd have a photo but he was making sure it didn't leak, so I didn't take a picture of water in the sink.

While he was doing his thing, I was watching the "Murdock Mysteries" and working on my cross stitch.

I have been getting more and more done. I have been having a problem at times with the flowers. It's almost as bad as the confetti I did on another one. I do love this piece.

OH! Forgot! Yesterday mom brought my box back with the block she made for my friendship quilt. Now this is that bright one I've been working on. For the past week I was looking for my block that I started.....well, it wasn't in the box. PANIC, what in the world did I do with it?! I went downstairs and put the box awhile, then looked for the freezer bag it was in. Nowhere to be seen. Deep breath, what did I do with it? I looked upstairs. Then I had a thought....did I actually put it where it should have been?...not me....or did I. I looked in the basket by my chair and there it was! Patrick asked me what I lost this time, and I told him. So, when I came up and found it, I said (under my breath) "great, where it should have been!" He laughed and said, "You actually put something away where it should have been?" Go figure, a funny man for a husband.

So, today is a relaxing day. Tomorrow is bowling....with both the travel league and regular bowling.

Keeping up with projects....Happy Quilting!


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