Saturday, September 3, 2016

Not a Bad Day, and Not a Great Day....

Today wasn't a great day, nor was it a bad day. Just one of those days where things could have gotten done and didn't.

I was up very early today. We had a schedule that we were working on when Patrick got up. I did my usual (first of the month) Safeway coupons and gathered the other coupons for shopping. We went to Safeway and bought our monthly shopping supplies. We even got a few things that were needed and expensive. Oh, well. We came home to find Phil getting the peppers out of the garden along with a few more things. He went home loaded! It was nice to see them finally picked and headed to his place. (I don't do pepper - except for green) I got a green pepper to eat and will have it tomorrow. I love eating them raw.

I have been getting confused on the flowers, because the colors are so close together in shades. I find myself getting the wrong color in the wrong spot. Then I take it out, check the color and get back to where it belongs.

Hard to believe I just started this a couple weeks ago and am getting very close to having 1/4 of it done already. I love the way it's coming along. I also was given another idea while doing this. I am going to do the "short" strands that will get sealed down as I go. Then I don't have to turn it over and "hide" the threads. I'm really learning a lot of new ways of doing cross stitch. The more I'm learning the easier it is getting and surprisingly enough, it's even faster. Not like quilting that when one tries an easier way, it's not all that faster. Or even when it's faster, it's not that much easier. At least in cross stitch it works both ways.

This was my review of August. I posted this on my Instagram page. Starting in the top left, I was stitching on my bird on the left, the quilt that we finished for QOV and won a blue ribbon at the fair, the eagle I've finished for dads QOV quilt, (middle row l to r) the applique pieces I was getting ready for another friendship block, my Nantucket Rose cross stitch, the Summer Sampler cross stitch that I finished, (bottom) worked and moved my butterfly quilt, and the ribbons I won at the fair for my BE. The one on the left was up for Best of Class, but didn't make it. (That's okay by me)

So, I can actually say I have been busy this summer with my crafts. I hope to get more done by the end of the year....if I can stay on track....everyone knows my track record......lets see where that gets me! Just look at my stuff on the blog that I haven't touched in months or even years! I'm getting there, and hope to get a few more things done this year!

May we all be enjoying this year and staying on track by being Happy Quilting!

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