Tuesday, September 6, 2016

QOV Meeting Day

Today I was up most of the night. I was also up and ready to go when Patrick was up for work.

I played a few games, cleaned up a little, and headed out to moms before going to the QOV meeting. I stopped at the folks about 9:30 am and dad was just getting breakfast, while mom was still asleep. She's been getting better, but still sleeping more. I paid her for the pattern she ordered yesterday. We decided we'd share the cost. I left her the money, told dad to make sure she got it. The pattern we ordered was $54 - more than either of us would normally pay!! I liked it so much that I got her to go in with me on it. We can both work on it. I want this to be a quilt that we both work on. It will be a first for both of us.

After going to the folks I headed up to Olympia to our QOV meeting. It was good to see everyone. I told our group leader that I haven't been getting emails and she and I were going to work on that. I talked to Judy H (used to join us in Brazilian embroidery) and asked if I made the eagles, could she put the quilts together. We both agreed that I would need to have at least 3 or 4 so that those who receive them will get one, otherwise some would feel left out of a good quilt. I also found out today that the 3 eagle quilt is going to Bev, who asked for one. I'm going to do the bindings and pillows for the quilts Donna does. I'm not sure what happened with the quilt going back to Bev, when it was going to one of Donna's requests. I really don't care, but was surprised at the change. I make them for Vets, and really don't care who gets them, as long as they go to a Vet.

I took photos of some of the quilts that will be giving out.

These ladies do an awesome job with quilts!

This was 3 of the 5 quilts that one of the gals did. She had a lot done! I feel guilty that I've only done 2 quilts for the QOV group. I'm going to TRY and get another one done for them.

I've been getting more done on the cross stitch. I really do like the way it's coming along. I'll be putting more time in on this tonight. Tomorrow I'll work on the quilt, and may try to do a few blocks for dad's quilt.

I had lunch with my son. It was great. I really enjoyed being able to have lunch with him. I asked him to check on possibly doing the calligraphy on dads quilt. I have dad's history of his military, and want to put that in the quilt. We talked about what I could do. I need to work on the star blocks. I may do them tomorrow - if I don't quilt - or maybe both. Depending on how quick I get tired of working on the sewing machine.

I came home with almost 3 yards of fabric. I now have 2 yards of fabric that I can get free. I really don't know what I want, so I'm going to just wait and see what I want later. Not in a hurry to get the fabric. If I wait, I'll have 5 yards, and was thinking I might just keep the points going for the 5 yards. The fabric I bought today will be used for more eagle blocks. Who knows, maybe I'll try and get 2 done this month. If I put my mind on it, I could do it. I think it will take about a week to work on one. Just depends on my mood.....hate that thought! At this rate it may take another month, since I haven't even been moving much on dads! UGH....help...help...help!

Bowling is starting up, so that will make life interesting too! Oh, well.....Happy Quilting!

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