Friday, September 30, 2016

Quilting Friday

This morning was a go-go-go morning. We walked our 2.5 miles. We walked about .25 miles with Cherrill and the dog.

Came home and got my quilt with supplies ready to go to moms for quilting. Dad had called last night saying my Uncle was coming today. So, I thought I would come home before we went out to eat.....Still haven't learned NOT TO PLAN! We had a good meeting with the quilters. Lunch was salads and I had to remove all the carrots since I can't have carrots. Otherwise it went well. My Aunt and Uncle arrive about the time I was going to leave. Then we talked about where we would go for supper. They wanted to go to a place where Patrick could eat something he wanted. We ended up at Denny's. I checked with Patrick and we could eat early if he didn't have to come get me at home, so I ended up staying at the folks. We all chatting and I played on moms iPad. I wish I had brought my own so I could check out the Instagram! Oh, well.

I was able to get one side of the border done. Now I'm down to 2 more and then I can bind it. Mom had some fabric that worked perfect with these colors and would be printed around the time this was made, so it worked out great. She cut me some pieces for the binding. Now I just need to sew it up and get it ready to put on when I get the two borders done.

I didn't get the chance to work on my cross stitch and fell lost not being able to work on it today. I am happy that I was able to get a border done in just a few hours.

We played games with my folks, Aunt and Uncle. Not much got done and I didn't make it back home. I'm happy to be home, but this weekend Patrick has ideas of what we need to, no sure much will get done then either...time will tell.

Enjoy life, and Happy Quilting!

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