Friday, September 2, 2016

Quilting with Friends

Today started out slow. I wasn't moving very fast. I did get moving though. I had to go to a couple places to get a few things done. One was to the post office to send Angie the pattern she won from me. I was thrilled to see someone get the pattern instead of throwing it away. I also sent her some floss for a thank you. I didn't want to throw the pattern out, and would love to share my pattern with someone.

I realized (as I was driving) that the white/white didn't work for the block. I have dark colors and the last thing I needed was the white saying "SEE ME?" or "LOOK HER FIRST." I ran over to Whalen Quilt Works before heading to moms. I made Rita open up for me! Not what she needed, but I was able to get some fabric that would work better than the white/white fabric. It's a grey/white and works a LOT better. Rita was awesome this morning!

I ended up at moms and worked on the stripes for dads rank. I also asked dad to work on his history. He had a choice, work on it on fabric or write it down so mom can put it on fabric. He got the first 10 years done, but still had a ways to go by the time I left. I told him I'd pick it up on Monday.

Bev finished the blocks that I want in the corners. I need to put an eye on one of them. She did an awesome job! I love what she did.

Now it's starting to work. I'm getting a lot done and didn't realize it. I need to work on the stars. So far it's looking pretty good. The eagles work great together. I'm thinking of putting them in the bottom corners. Something different. This is a "on the seat of my pants" quilt. I have no clue hw that i going to work.

Things are looking up.

I was looking for a BOM on the internet shops. Mom and I wanted on that we could do applique. Needle turn is one of the ways I do applique.....well, all I could find is "pre-cut, pre-fused" pieces for applique. I called one of my favorite shops in TX and asked if they had this pretty BOM with needle turn instead of fused. She told me "probably not" because that gal that does BOM stuff was out of the office. I told her I haven't found a pretty quilt that has needle turn or hand applique BOM anymore. She said they do them but not very often. I liked doing BOM quilts and now I'm having to stick with what I have been doing....getting the pattern and buying the fabric myself. Trouble is....have you seen the price of patterns lately???? - expensive. I contacted a shop that had the pattern without the fabric. The price of that quilt pattern is $54!! What happened to the $15 pattern or the $20 patterns?? OMG patterns have gotten expensive! Guess I'll have to go back to my older books and make my own patterns. If I ever get to the point of selling, I will not sell at those prices! Now I have do decide how badly I want the pattern....ugh

Mom order a DNA test kit for my husband and myself. We've been working on the genealogy lately and mom is loving the DNA test stuff. Her and dad did the DNA test almost 2 years ago. She checks it out often! Getting more information added to our history!

In the mean time, I'm still at it and Happy Quilting!


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