Thursday, September 1, 2016

Time Flies When One Doesn't Pay Attention!

Today I was up and moving by 7:30 am. Didn't get any walking in today. It's still raining like crazy. We need the rain, but it's not only raining, it's chilly too!

I noticed on Instagram some of those I follow do a "month in review" showing all the things they did last month. I figured I would do the same. May make me feel better by showing all the stuff I actually did last month. Not near as much as I would have liked. (chuckling)

I spend most of the day in the computer room working on my family history. I needed to work on Patrick's but instead worked on mine. I got another 20 names added. Then I have been trying to figure out where HUBBERT comes into our family. I know my great grandfather's middle name is Hubbert, but no sign of that name showing up in our tree so far. They did live near us, so wondering where that connection is. Dad's DNA said we were connected to a Hubbert that was born in 1834. That is the same time my grandfather was born. BUT they didn't live near each other then. Not sure where that connection is or if it's a long way off. Interesting to figure out. So, I was working on this family, then that family, then again another family. So, I really didn't stay on track....gee, that sounds familiar! Hence: Time Flies when I'm not paying attention! I really didn't get much done either!

This is my mess! I usually have more but I cleaned up before taking he photo, which means it's still a mess. I have papers from great grandmother that I have been slowly going through. Plus, lets not forget the letters I have that have plenty of information as well. 

Top file is my Secretary work (didn't know it was there when I took the photo) and the bottom two are the files I'm filling with the family history. One is my family and the other is Patrick's. One is pretty full and I need to get another one. Oh, well. 

Finally got downstairs to work on the fabrics I need to do dad's quilt block. I've cut out the stripes and ironed them on the white fabric. 

The navy blue is what I'm going to put it on. I need to see what I can do to get this started tomorrow. 

I wanted to see what the red and blue stars would look like. I see a mistake and I'm sure everyone else does too! I may put the red in the center and do the blue on the outside. I may also do both ways. I haven't decided and I need to cut some squares for the corners. I ironed those blocks and left they rest for later! I hate ironing blocks open, but it needs to be done. Bev said she would have the two blocks she did for me tomorrow, so I seriously need to get this quilt together and quilted! So, I'm going to try and have it done. I decided I'm taking some fabric to dad for him to write his military history on. Then I will work around that block with all these other blocks. 

It's looking good. Need to fix the 'A' and it's done. Next is getting on the move to get it one. 

I haven't done any cross stitch today....other than 2 rows before Patrick got home (that's 20 stitches). 
So, I'm going to type some letters for the family history, then enjoy my time working on my cross stitch. 

GIVEAWAY WINNER: @bubmie - Congrats!!

I feel good looking at last month. I did quiet a bit and it makes me fell like I actually did something. Think about what last month and enjoy the view! Happy Quilting!

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