Saturday, September 24, 2016

Usual Saturday

Today I was up early. Played a little till Patrick got up.

We headed to the casino. Not much happened there. lol We came home and I enjoyed a few minutes with the cat.

I worked on this piece again today. I've started out with adding the brown for the house in the background.

Yesterday I ordered a couple patterns from HAED that everyone seems to order from these days! lol I am looking forward to getting my patterns. It will be fun to work on one of their pieces.

Bad news keeps getting closer to my private little "bubble." I can't believe where our country is going right now. I'll just keep doing my part of helping others and trying to make a life of caring. My crafts keep me going. My crafts have a way of relaxing me. Life is good and I pray it gets better.

We went out to eat with my folks. Their Anniversary is tomorrow.

Mom and I talked about the pattern we ordered. She wanted to know if I had the fabric for the background and I'm going to try and remember to take some of the fabric to her place and see what we can do.

Happy Quilting!

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