Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Day At The Hospital With Dad

I stayed the night at my parents so that we could leave early. Dad's appointment was at 7 am and we live 35-45 mins away. So, we were up at 5:15 am and out the door at 6:10 am. Not my favorite time to get up...but I was up and ready to go. I even fixed mom some muffins so she had breakfast on the way.

We arrived at the hospital early and waited to get admitted. We were going through the admissions for ER. Figured out we were being admitted in the wrong place but the gal was really nice and went ahead and admitted dad. We went to his room and he got ready. While he was getting ready, mom and I were waiting in the hallway. We must have waited in the hallways about 45 mins. Then we were able to get in the room with him. They finally took him in around 10:15 am. I tried to get some sleep but didn't get very far.

I pulled out Kathy's cross stitch and started working on it.

I was spending some time in "frogging" or ripping out this blue area. She had said her arch was off and she couldn't figure out where. I found that it was in this blue area. I found she's just as good at putting the stitches in as I am! We both have it in that when one starts doesn't want to come out! So, I was taking time getting it out.

No worries, was able to get the blue back in. It's coming along awesome. I'm thinking I may take the time tomorrow to finish it. This is a little on the dark side because I took the photo while at the hospital.

Dad was getting discharged at 6 pm, and I had bowling, so called a friend to see if they could come and pick mom and dad up. I stayed with both till 3:15 pm then drove dads car back to his place and picked up my car and came home.

We bowled tonight and I didn't do so good. I dropped an average. I bowled a 171, 177, and 161. I needed to get a better game for the 3rd one.

Today was a long day, but I'm happy to say I was able to get some cross stitch done.

Wishing everyone is Happy Quilting!

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