Friday, October 14, 2016

A Day of Applique and Stitching

Today was one of those rare times when I slept till 8 am. The storm hit last night and today. I slept through thunder and lightening. Patrick left his usual time.

I was up and helping Cherrill by 9 am. Called mom and told her I wouldn't be there for our group meeting. Decided I would work on my applique as if I was at the meeting. Since the weather is miserable, it was better to just stay home.

I worked on the leaf and stem. I got to the part where I was basting the tail of the fish. I actually took out the center at least three times on this one!

I was able to get the other side at the same point. I put the fish tail on. All I have next to do is applique the tail, add the body and a few more things. So, I'm actually only 1/3 done with this block. Knowing mom, she finished her block by now.

I got the hot water going, and then took part of the afternoon to cross stitch.

I was able to put a good 300 stitches in on this. I'm glad to be back at working on it. I can't wait to get the house going!

It was a really good day! I enjoyed watching a couple mystery movies. I love the Canadian shows that have "Murdoch Mysteries" and "Vera" among a few shows I've found that I'm taping.

Even though the weather was awful, I was able to have a good day. The cat came around but I missed her twice. I was able to pet her around 4 pm. She wouldn't come in the house, and since the wind has been blowing, I didn't want to keep my door open for her.

All's good when I have a day like today. Looking forward to the weekend, but not looking forward to another storm coming in. We had a few branches on the ground, but the best part is that Patrick trimmed the trees a month ago. So, good news is, not as many branches down as there could have been.

Happy Quilting!

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