Monday, October 10, 2016

A Start To A Busy Week

This morning I was up and out the door at 7:30 am. Ruth and I went walking and got 2.99 miles in. It felt good to get some walking in. Then I went to Cherrill's to get her socks on. I stayed for a little bit. I needed to get out of her house by 9 am but didn't make it! I ended up getting back home at 9:30 am and had to get moving!

I was at our Brazilian embroidery meeting by 10 am. I called mom and the way to see if she would like to cut the fabric for the quilt we will be doing tomorrow. She agreed.

At the meeting I was going to start working on one of the Seminar projects, and realized the fabric was not marked. So, I worked on my birds instead.

I worked on the two birds. I filled them in more, as well as fixed the bird on the left. I didn't want the bird to look like it was "pooping." Actually we all were having a great time talking about my "pooping bird." Now it looks like a bird going for the feeder.

I started the beak of a third bird. I have it "off" so I'm having to try and get it "not so close" to the feeder. It's going to take a little work to get the beak right, so we'll see.

I was happy with what I could get done.

I had to make a run to Walmart (not my most favorite place to go) and ended up running into 4 of the bowlers I bowl with. It was so funny because I rarely run into anyone at Walmart.

I enjoyed some time with Miss Kitty. I gave her a ball and she was playing with it not to long ago. She's got it out side, I just hope I can find it tomorrow for her.

She loves attention.

I was going through withdrawals on not being able to work on anything this weekend. Today make it nice! I enjoyed working on the birds. I'm now going to try and finish this up. I listed this with about 4 others to try and get finished by December. I linked my stuff through IG.

Finish A Long 2016

So, if you have things that need to be finished, come join us! I have the quilt on the list for this quarter! That means I have to finish it! lol

Happy Quilting!

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