Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Sunday of Bowling

I had to get up early today - not new for me - to get moving. I drove to Spiffy's Restaurant to meet my bowling partners. Come to find out, I couldn't leave my car there unless I paid $10 for all day. We were only going to be gone for about 4 hours. I ended up parking my car at one of my partner's daughter's place. We then headed down to St. Helen's OR. I was meeting them at 9 am, but I left the house at about 8:30 am to meet up with them. Found out it's only 15 mins at the most to get there. So, I waited.

I ended up with a partner that didn't want to talk, so we sat in the back seat not saying a word to each other. Felt weird. I was okay with that. She had a bad day all around. She didn't talk on the way back either. I bowled a 156, 158, 182. Not my best for travel but hey I only dropped 2 pins on average. If I'm lucky I won one of the games against the other person.

Got home and played a couple games, had dinner, and off for bowling. We missed the debate, which was probably a good thing.

I bowled 170, 175, 164, so I also dropped 2 pins on my average there too. We lost 2 games.

I was able to enjoy some time with Kitty. So things are good. I just love that cat!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get an hour of quilting in to get the quilt done. It's Brazilian embroidery day tomorrow and I'm going to work on one of my other projects from the Seminar. I will work on the "easy" one that I have.

Best wishes to all and Happy Quilting!

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