Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Another Day of Appointments

Today was one of those days that I couldn't get up. I went over to the neighbors and helped her out, as I have been doing for awhile. I helped her with the ancestry site. We went and found a few of her relatives she didn't know she had. I showed her a way around the genealogy through ancestry. She showed me her book she made of her family and I love it! It was photos, documents, letters, and family group sheets. I'm going to try and do a book like that! It will be fun with the stories I found on some of the family.

When I came home, I played a little on my tablet and then basted some flowers on the block I'm working on. I got part of it done. I was able to work on it at the doctors office. I have yet another appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow to make sure I don't have rosacia in my eye. What fun!

Then I came home and I worked on the cross stitch.

I was able to get this far last night. I am to the top of the middle section. There is a gap where the fabric shows between the bushes and the trees.

I also had some of the white done last night and worked on some more of the white today. I'm doing pretty good considering. I really do what to spend more time on this. Hopefully tomorrow I can. All depends on the rain. If it rains I can get time to work on this. Otherwise, I'll have to wait till tomorrow night.

Tonight was bowling and I bowled a 178, 173, 178. Which keeps my average at 173 for this league. We had trouble all night with the lanes, but they kept them going. We were the second to the last to finish tonight. The team that was last is a team that is always last. So, for us to keep up with them means we did pretty good.

Tomorrow is another day....Happy Quilting!

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