Monday, October 17, 2016

Busy Day...Still Getting Stuff Done

Today I was up early to walk, but OH! Wait! it's raining...still. I did walk down to Ruth's and chatted with her. Came back home and played a few games. 

Then I pulled out the remote and turned on "Murdoch Mysteries" while I was getting about 60 stitches in on my cross stitch. 

Then I got up and went to the quilt shop to meet Teri. I bought her Q-snap quilt frame that is a floor frame. After that, I still had time to kill, so I went to moms. Mom and dad where in Portland with my brother who flew in for lunch. I was going to go, but I had my radiology appointment. I stayed at the folks for about a half hour and head up to Olympia for my appointment. I was drinking water the whole way. I was even more surprised at all the traffic! I'm getting tired of all this traffic. Years ago we didn't have half that traffic. 

While I was waiting - yep, I was early - I worked on my Baltimore Liberty quilt block. 

I was able to get part of the flag done. There are 4 of these on this block. 

When I got home my floss arrived in the mail! That's what I call happy mail!! It's from the SAL (Stitch Along) that I'm doing. 

I went downstairs and pulled out all my fabrics that I had from the 90's and found a sea green that I decided to work with. It's 18 ct. and really pretty. I cut what I needed off it. 

Put it on the bars and now I'm ready to get started! I'd show the pattern, but I can't. Beautiful Sea Quaker is the pattern and one can get more information from clinking on the name. It's a mystery but I love the colors so far. 

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have a photo of the part I have finished. I plan on getting the first part done today. 

Tomorrow I'm going to stop at moms and get the next block ready to work on. (The quilt we are doing together.) Having fun! Happy Quilting!

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