Sunday, October 30, 2016

Freaking Out....Need Too Many Projects Done

This morning I did sleep in. I'm really breaking records on sleeping in! I think it has to do with the sun not coming out as early as it usually does. I'm betting when the time changes again, I'll be back to waking up at 6 am!

I started to freak out! I went downstairs to see if I could find some pattern or kit that has Brazilian embroidery on it. I found two I could do, but they are complicated and I don't have the time to work on them that I need. I should have started one of those last week. I need to get a block done for the quilt we are doing for Felicia. I may have to design one myself. Plus I realized I needed some pieces to show at the demo next week. SO, I decided I'm going to have to go to the shop and get my two pieces she has for display. I also have some practice pieces that I have from the Seminar and will go with that. In the meantime, I need to do a design for Felicia. Way too many things need to be done!

Then I pulled out the felt for the eyes and noise of the mice. I didn't like the looks of them, so I decided they needed a face. I put the eyes and noise on. Then I took it to the bowling alley for dad to take home.

I don't care for the way they look, but I did what the pattern was. I called mom when we got home to make sure dad gave her the block - nope! She said we'll add a pin mark to mark the month. I really don't care to be truthful. Not crazy about the block, so not real happy. Maybe when it's in the quilt it will look better.

After I did that, I worked on the family history. Patrick's family is getting bigger. I was able to get one of his family branches to England. We had ancestry world till today. I had to cancel the subscription before mom got charge way too much for the use. I'll add more information from my paperwork and go from there for awhile. When they have another deal, I'll get back on.

Then I wanted to do some cross stitch. I was able to get 50 stitches in. I would have loved to have done more, but we had to go for bowling. I love working on this piece, but I have way too many things I need to do and the cross stitch is having to wait...ugh. I have the butterflies to do for mom. That one should be easier and quicker. BUT the Brazilian embroidery is first on my list this week. Let's see what I can do tomorrow for Felicia. I may end up doing that design after all, but it's going to take a while to do it. Maybe I'll design my own. Should be interesting!

Tonight was bowling...I bowled a 178, 204, 161... not bad. I did keep my average and that's the best part! I almost lost another pin, but the 204 helped me!

Have a great week and stay Happy Quilting!

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