Thursday, October 6, 2016

Getting Things Done!

This morning I was up and ready to where to go.  I got some clothes from one of my bowling partners last night. I pulled the bag out and tried on all the clothes. I was surprised to find that I liked and kept most of them.

After that, I started laundry. Wanted to wash the clothes before putting them in the closet. I started laundry, then enjoyed some time with the cat. Once I was done with Kitty, I pulled the quilt out.

I got a couple of the border piece done. I only spent about an hour on this. I wanted to get back to the cross stitch that I was doing for Kathy.

After lunch, I pulled Kathy's cross stitch out.

I finished up the cross stitch part and started on the outlining. One can see the outlining at the top. It's going to bring the piece to life. At this rate, I'll be able to get this back to Kathy by Thursday.

Dad was doing good today. I'll check on him tomorrow.

I had a great day - if one didn't count all that laundry - and got a lot done. I'm getting back to quilting on the quilt - which really needs to get done! It won't take long, but I'm taking forever....what's new about that?! nadda!

It's been a rainy day new there. So, wishing you all Happy Quilting!

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