Thursday, October 27, 2016

Good News From the Eye Doctor

Today I was up around 8 am. I was even more surprised that I slept in that late. I don't know if it's because the sun didn't come out or what. Either that or I'm starting to enjoy sleeping in.

I went to walk with Cherrill. It was good to get back to walking. We had a good walk in, pretty close to a mile.

Came home and played again. Then got myself to pull out the applique block. I need to get this block done for mom.

I have a few more pieces to add to the "flower" or cheeses - whatever they are.

I'm listening to "blitstitch" while I'm typing this. I realize I get a little boring at times and lately I KNOW I've been boring. Explains why I don't get as many checking out my blog - I'm okay with that.

Blitstitch you tube is very interesting. I like to see what Brian is up to with cross stitch. He has as many projects in cross stitch as I do in quilting!

I had my eye doctors appointment today. The good news is that the rosacia has not entered my eye. It's close but if I keep up with getting my rosacia down, then I can get it away from my eye. I need to put hot pads on my eyes! Only for a few minutes, and it's just a towel with hot water to make my eyes do better.

So, I didn't make it to work on my cross stitch. I'm down because of it! No, not really, just miss it!  I'll work on it tomorrow. I really need to get this block done to get caught up to mom. She's got 3 blocks done to my 1.

Happy Quilting!

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