Saturday, October 1, 2016

Planning Went Out the Window!

Today was one of those days that was going to look forward to....but then things changed!

I was up and enjoying my morning till Patrick got up. He was ready to go shopping and I wasn't. So, I stalled but we ended up going shopping. We did pretty good, saved a lot more then usual. Came home and unloaded...started to look for my FTM (Family Tree Maker) program that is 2014. I found my 2012 but not 2014, which makes it harder for me to load on this computer (laptop). I cleaned up a shelve in the computer room and still not finding the FTM disk. Then Patrick tells me I have 10 mins to get ready for the movie. I had to get my computer ready and I needed to back up the information from the old computer. Of course the computer took forever to come on, so we ended up leaving before I could get the back up going.

We went to the movie "Storks" and loved it. Came home and wasn't home more than a minute when my folks called to see if we would like to go out with them and my Aunt and Uncle. Told them to give us 30 mins. Then we got the computer to come up, and get started on the backup. We were able to get the computer up and the backup going so we could leave.

Arrived at the folks, and headed out for Mexican dinner. We had a good time with family. Then headed back to the folks house. We played "Square 9's" and I won!

By the time we made it back home, I hadn't even done any quilting, cross stitch, or even checked my yahoo groups! It's the PITS! I was not in a good mood today and I'm not in a good mood now! I really, really, really wanted to be able to get the program on this computer, and be able to get some stitches in on my cross stitch! I'm going through withdrawal!!

So, my planning for today went out the window! Not one thing I wanted to do was done. BUT then that's life!

Happy Quilting!

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