Monday, October 24, 2016

Power Outage

Due to the power being out last night when we got home, I wasn't able to post. So, today I'm posting for last night and then later will post for today.

Yesterday I was up and ready to go. I went to Cherrill's in my sweats and she wasn't ready. She didn't realize I would be coming, so we agreed I'd go back in a couple hours. Patrick slept in, so I didn't take a shower. He likes to complain that when I take a shower, I'm waking him up. Well, yesterday he did sleep in till 10 am. It's almost like he's a teenager all over again!

I kept busy with my cat and games while Patrick slept. After he got up, I was ready to get some work done on my cross stitch.

I finished up the "Part 2" of the Beautiful Sea Quarter - stitch along - that I'm doing. The second part came out on Friday and I couldn't get to it till yesterday. I like i so far, and my mind is wondering what will be next. I worked on this all afternoon between watching old movies - with Gary Grant and Barbara Stanwick. There were two movies and I'm trying to think if she was in both of them or not. Even Patrick sat and watched them with me.

The Seahawk's game was while we were bowling. I bowled a 242, 182, 191, which brought my average up about 3 pins. I was thrilled. We even took 3 games. We didn't have our partners because they were on a curse. They will be back today. We had brought subs in but they couldn't bowl because we were in the final week of the quarter, so they came and left. Patrick and I were on our own with our partners as blind. We bowled the first place team, so it's interesting to see if they won the quarter or not. If the other time took 4 then they will tie. Oh, well. We were not anywhere close to winning!

As we headed home, got a "fyi" text from our neighbor that the power was out. We kept looking to see who big of an outage it was. It turned out to be pretty big. It started on the left side of Jackson Hwy at Carol Bezy's (a mile north of us). When we got to the corner store, everything on both sides of Jackson Hwy was black. Our lights were the only lights one could see. We stayed up checking our phone for the score of the game. Patrick said we need to get a windup radio for emergencies. I agree.

Happy Quilting!

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