Friday, October 21, 2016

Rainy Day Friday

This morning I was up and over to Cherrill's by 8:30 am. W walked about 3/4's of a mile. She was doing good walking. She said she could feel the difference when she don't get out to walk. I've got to go check on her this weekend since Ruth won't be around to help me out. She's got other plans in the mornings.

Patrick was home. He took the day off. Which let him sleep in. I couldn't believe Miss Kitty! She followed me over to Cherrill's and waited on me. When I came home and started calling her, she was coming from Cherrill's house! She was in a big hurry to get to me. We had about 3 hours of TLC time all day long! She even came into the house for a little while. I'm trying to get her used to the sounds that go on in her. She's starting to get used to Patrick walking around and making noise, but she still runs from him if he goes towards her.

I worked on the leaf. The mice will be next to work on. This block has a LOT of circles. Mom said today she was getting ready to start another block. That would be block #3 for her.

I gave up on the block after the leaf was done. I then pulled the quilt out...

I'm down to one corner and one side to finish quilting. It was getting a little warm with that in my lap. But then again, it was rainy and cold. Plus I had a sweatshirt with two other shirts on. So, with three layers, I got warm. I'm happy to say I did get most of one side done. Which means I'm very close to having this finished.

I did find that my backing isn't quiet where it's supposed to be. That 2" border isn't covered completely one one side. So, I'm going to have to cut my border in half. Not sure how that's going to look. But then with this quilt, it's not the looks that matter. It was a gift, and I love it because of that. I don't love it because of the work that was put into it. I love the gift, and won't look a "gift horse in the mouth!"

Last night I put a few stitches in this piece. I'm getting to the part of the house. I'm loving how it's coming. I need to post this on Instagram. I'm planning on working on this tonight.

I did get the next part of my SAL piece. I'm going to put that off for this weekend. It shouldn't take very long. I do like the piece that's next.

I've been enjoying the cat most of the day. I also got some laundry in. Today was a very good day for me and Patrick. He worked his butt off outside. He spend most of the day out there, and when he came in, it was starting to rain. Then it poured! I even fixed a casserole for the neighbors.

Enjoy the rest of the day! Happy Quilting!

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