Saturday, October 15, 2016

Second Storm Coming In...

Today I was up and off to help Cherrill with her socks. Ruth will take care of her tomorrow. She'll be gone on Monday and I'll be gone on Tuesday. We'll work it out. Ruth is getting herself ready for moving. She's getting a garage sale load of stuff going and she's cleaning out her house. It almost makes it seem like she's leaving tomorrow, and as fast as time goes, she will be.

I showed Cherrill so she could find her Taylor family on there. Her family looks a lot like mine and wonder if it's possible that she is related in a very distant way.

We went to the casino and were back by 1 pm. We stopped at the store to pick a few things up. Then came home.

I worked on the fish while watching "2012" on TV. It was a 3 hour program and Patrick had it taped. We sat and enjoyed the movie while the winds kicked in!

Our storm is hitting pretty good. I tape some of it and put it on Instagram. One has to view the hole thing to see how bad the weather hit! We're not done yet either.

I did well by working on the fish. I'm hoping to get the fish done by tomorrow. Guess I'll be doing the fish tonight and work on my cross stitch tomorrow. Called mom and she said she finished her block, which is what I figured she would have done. I need to get moving on mine. She also said there were 5 members of our group that showed up yesterday.

I was able to get Miss Kitty in the house for a short time. She didn't like the idea that I shut the door. But she lasted quiet awhile before she wanted out of here. I'm hoping she will get used to being in here. I really do want her to relax and come in for TLC.

Even when Patrick wanted to be out all day, I was able to enjoy appliqueing. Looking forward to getting this block done and off to mom. Then who knows which block I'll get next.......Happy Quilting!

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