Sunday, February 26, 2017

Enjoying Sunday!

This morning I was up early. I was coughing so much, I just had to get up. The rest of that day wasn't bad.

Miss Kitty kept us company. We watched the PBA (Professional Bowling Assoc.) on TV this morning. It's interesting to watch pros bowl. After that we watched a few other shows. I even took a break from my cross stitch to get a little nap in.

I was able to get the work back in that I took out yesterday. I also found that I was off in another area. The best part is, only I know that. UNLESS someone is going to take the pattern and compare where things are supposed to go. AND if someone does that - that's their problem! I'm getting there to getting this one caught up. I have one more day to work on it, and then I can get back to Nantucket Rose.

It was bowling tonight, and I decided I would try and bowl tonight. Still not 100% but close. I bowled a 170, 172, 183. So, my average will stay at 173. I'm okay with that, since I wasn't really doing as good as I could have. Patrick beat me by 21 pins. I beat him the first game, but then he woke up and beat me the next two games.

I'm getting better, and looking forward to being back to 100%. I'm Happy Stitching!

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