Thursday, February 23, 2017

Finally Starting to Feel Human!

Today I was up at 8 am. I eat breakfast, sat down and was still tired. I laid on the couch and fell asleep. I actually woke up at 11:30 am. I couldn't believe I slept that long! I usually don't last long in sleeping on the couch. I think the most I've slept on the couch is about 1 hour. Today was a first in a very long time!

The funny part - I felt a lot better today. I had thought about going to the shop for our quilt meeting but I figured out Patrick took my car. Plus since I didn't wake up till 11:30, I wouldn't have made it to the meeting.

I relaxed most of the day. I did get the dishwasher done. I'm thankful my laundry was done a couple days ago, so missing today wasn't a biggie.

I'm close to finishing the corner on this piece. I also noticed I forgot to do the back-stitch on the neckline. I'll work on that when I get the corner done. Then I'll get the rest of the tree done. If I keep this up, it should be completely done in a couple weeks.

But then again...when I have to put up with this, every time I pull the computer out or my cross stitch. She is under my frame when I'm stitching. SPOILED.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get out. I have a lunch appointment with the neighbors. I need to get back to helping Cherrill with her socks. Ruth has been pretty good about doing it while I've been sick.

Wishing everyone a good day! Happy Stitching.

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