Saturday, February 18, 2017

Had the Day to Stitch - Then Dinner with Folks

This morning I was up and enjoying some time with Kitty before going to Cherrill's. I stayed and chatted with her before coming back to find Patrick in the garage. He decided he wanted to take time to clean the garage and add the cabinet that mom gave him.

I worked on "Nantucket Rose" and got a few more stitches in. I found myself getting a couple colors mixed up, so the frog  came out!

The tree is coming long great. Seeing it from the photo, I can see it better than I can working on it. I do like how it's come out.

I also signed up for a SAL with a Mirabella pattern. The requirement is to buy the fabric from the gal putting it on as well as getting the pattern. We get 25% off from the stuff we buy for the SAL. I thought it would be fun, so I signed up. I do like the new design, and I'm going to plan on making it. AFTER Katt's stocking.

Mom and dad arrived around 3 pm and we went down to Kelso for supper. We had a good meal. Came back home and played games. Kitty surprised me by playing with her ball while we played cards. She then went outside.

So...right now, mom and dad are gone, and we are sitting watching TV. It's one of Patrick's favorite shows and we've seen it at least 5 times so far. Every Saturday we watch the same show, that we've been watching for over 5 years. Rerun after rerun. I feel like I'm going in circles watching this show and the next....for the umpteenth time! It's getting very OLD on me!

In the meantime, I think I will try to get something done. I may go downstairs in a minute to see if I have enough fabric to do a big envelope bag. I also think I will buy some batting on Thursday to make a few envelope bags. I am also thinking I will use my embroidery on the bags as well.

The Seminar booklet came in yesterday and I was looking through it. It's a lot of "used" patterns. Nothing new. I'm not sure what classes I'll take. I did hear of one member who is a good teacher, so thinking I will look for her class and take a class from her. I'm also thinking I may just do a day if I can't find someone to share a room with me.

Have some looking on the computer to do, see how my eBay stuff is doing, and then stitch - Happy Stitching!

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