Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Rain.....Not Much Done

Today I slept in. I didn't make it over to Cherrill's till close to 9 am. When I got back, I looked in the garage, and Kitty was still sitting up on her "perch." I waited for her to come done. Then we came in the house.

Rose called and I forgot that it was the day she was coming over. So, I sat with Kitty till her came over. She had a few ideas for Christmas gifts. In the past, that didn't work out all that great. It usually took forever to get anything done for gifts, and last year we didn't get any done for gifts. She had a coin purse pattern and we cut out a few pieces of fabric for the purses. We had lunch and then she left around 2 pm. Kitty wasn't having anything to do with her, so she slept on the bed (yea the bed Patrick doesn't want her on!), I didn't want to kick her out because she's still a little sore after the surgery and is staying very close to the house and garage.

I worked on this side for a little bet after she left. I finished up the lighthouse and I still need to put another fish in there.

I got more done on this side. I still have more to go, and probably would have had it done if Rose hadn't come over, but that's life! I will work on it again tomorrow, after I get back from Quilting at the quilt shop.

I also baked two more sourdough breads. I gave one to Cherrill for her Birthday gift. The other went with our supper - we had stew today.

So, while I worked on my cross stitch and Rose was here, it rained! It rained all day long....even raining now. The snow is almost gone because of all the rain, and betting it will be gone tomorrow morning.

We had bowling tonight and I actually picked it up! I beat everyone on our team, even though we lost all three games. I bowled a 172, 168, 212. It felt good to finally get another 200 game in! Brought the bowling ball home because Sunday is bowling twice again....ugh.

Happy Stitching!

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