Friday, February 17, 2017

Started the Day with A Headache

This morning I woke at 4 am with a Headache. Took my migraine pill, and went back to bed......still didn't go away. UGH

Was up and enjoying Kitty for a little while before heading to Micheal's to pick up some DMC floss for Katt's Christmas Stocking that will be next to work on. I need to get a light blue for the background. I'll probably get a hand dyed fabric for it.

I now need to roll the floss on the spools. Now I have all the floss I need for the stocking. I have already got the pattern "blown up" so I can use it for marking as I work on. I'm actually looking forward to getting this started.

I went over to Centralia for lunch with a friend. We hadn't been together in over 6 months. We used to have lunch about once a month. We had an awesome lunch. It's a new Deli in town.

I was back home by 1:30 pm. It gave me plenty of time to put stuff away. I went downstairs and decided to do another floss tube. This one is my Quilt UFO's flosstube video. I was more relaxed on this one. So, if anyone is interested, I showed the applique work I've got going. It's not all the stuff I'm doing but it's stuff that I posted about on here - so if one doesn't know where I am with it - it's on the video! lol

Last night I worked on the backstitching. I wanted to see how she would look with the backstitches. I still have the shawl to do, but will do that after I'm done. I did start on the branches above her head. I'm doing it with the stair step method I do. I'll be working it to the top at an angle. Then I'll continue toward the right. When that's done, I'll turn it over and work the rest of the branches upside down.

I worked the fence in and finished that this afternoon. I was doing it as backstitching goes, but took it out and did it over. The second time I did it, I did "long stitches" to make the fence stand out. I like it better that way.

So, with a headache this morning....this afternoon.....and still now, I'm still moving. I'm not going to let this headache stop my day! I have too much I want to get done, and I can't if I try to sleep it off all the time. I haven't had a headache in over 4 months - that's a good sign for me - and I'm hoping this will go away by tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Saturday and no clue what tomorrow will bring. Hoping I'll be doing some craft but time will tell.

OH! I watched how to make an "envelope bag" and I'm going to make a couple for my scroll frames! I need to pick up some batting that has glue on the back. Then I'm going to work on making a couple of them. I have the fabric....the only down side is that I'll be sewing on my machine **laughing outloud!**

Gorgeous night sky! Happy Stitching!

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