Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Still Have A Cold...BUT It Didn't Stop Me....

This morning at 4 am, I got up and went to the couch. I couldn't get back to sleep and this time Patrick was snoring...can't win. When he got up, I went back to bed and slept till 9 am. I still wasn't feeling the best, but I did get up to get moving.

Miss Kitty was outside waiting for me. I stepped out the door to call her and screamed! I didn't see the mouse till after I put my food down. Miss Kitty wasn't fazed, she just came on in the house. In the meantime, there was a dead mouse on the door mat.

I played a few games. While I was doing that, I got laundry going. I was doing pretty good with the laundry because I got 4 loads done today. Then I pulled out the sourdough and cooked it. I have 2 loaves done. I told Patrick to take one over to the neighbors but he didn't, so betting he takes it to work.

I also went to the garage to clean out the kitty litter. Got that cleaned up and put the mouse in the trash...ugh.

Once all that was done, I sat down and working on my cross stitch.

I'm getting a lot of the tree done. I have a couple different photos for this.

While I worked on this, I listened and watched "ginger.gerald.stitcher" on FlossTube. He was showing his WIPs and his purchases.

So, now that I said that, I realized I also make a couple purchases this weekend and today. I ordered some fusible fleece to be able to make a couple envelope bags. I'm hoping it comes soon, and I would love to get one done for the scrolls.

I also order a webcam - which came in today. I bought one like my daughter-in-laws that I was borrowing. Now I have my own. I'll be doing another video on my "Finally Finished Objects" also known as FFOs. That was new to me! I did order the Mirabilia pattern, fabric and some glossy floss for a SAL. It's the new pattern out there. I joined another group for this one.

While I was enjoying some free time with Miss Kitty, I pulled out my art booklet that Phil got for me.

I decided to try that technique that was in the AQS magazine. Not sure I was doing it right, but it does look pretty cool for what I did. I may do some checking on line or on the youtube to see what some other designs can be done. It's fun to do. Reminds me of doodling. I always doodle when I'm bored.

I have more stuff on eBay for this weekend. I noticed I have two things with bids, and I'm thrilled. I need to get rid of all these stuff. I also need to go get some more envelopes for shipping. That I'll do on Thursday...want to have one more day of letting this cold get out of my system.

I am hoping to go down and go over my fabrics tomorrow. I want to get my eagles ready to work on. If I get one started, I can get moving on a couple more. I really need to get moving on them so we can give out some eagle quilts to Vets.

Still dreaming...still playing....still coughing....still have more ideas.....still waiting on my purchases....and still Happy Quilting/Stitching!

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