Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Taking Care of Kitty Today

Today I was up earlier than usual. I didn't go get Kitty out of the garage till 8 am when I could sit with her. We both sat and enjoyed each other's company.

I went to Cherrill's and she can't get out of her drive. I was going into town so I got some ink for her (that she needed). She was busy working on her family reunion this summer. She ran out of ink for her printer and I was heading out, so picked it up for her. I had the usual, bank, staples, post office, and then store for milk. Came home to Kitty!

Before all that....

I had gotten this far, and realized there was a mistake....so I was ripping out the border. I had it all out before I went on my runs.

Had it all back to this point! I couldn't believe I didn't catch that sooner! It was actually in the pattern, and had to fix it. The area I was working on was correct, but part 4 was wrong.

After I got back home, Kitty sat in my lap while I worked on getting this back to where it needed to be. I had to order more blue floss to finish it. He's usually pretty good about getting the floss in the mail, so not too worried.

I still have more to do on the other part, but decided to come over to this side and work on it. I can then get the floss I'm using here and use it on the other side. If I didn't have to rip out so much, I would have probably had this done or close to being done. No worries.

I was having a good time with Kitty. She slept in my lap all afternoon.

I worked on some more sourdough bread tonight and will bake it tomorrow. One is for Cherrill since her Birthday was Sunday.

Enjoying the rest of the day! Happy Stitching!!

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