Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Quilts of Valor Meeting and more!

Today started out early. I was able to leave around 9 am. I headed out to the gas station, since I was going to Tumwater for our meeting. Then I headed to Walmart to get a black sheet for Katt's quilt. I was able to get one that had a 200 count. I'm hoping that will work, I usually like to get one that is 400 or more. My next step before heading to Tumwater was Great Cuts to get my hair cut. Had them braid it as well.

By 10:25 am, I was on the road to Tumwater. Was there about 10 mins early. I usually try to be there by 10:30 am but got too far behind. I worked on my eagle wings while the meeting was going on.

I sewed the two wings together. After the meeting I was able to iron the freezer paper for another set of wings. I also did the body for the first set of wings. I can get a couple eagles done at this rate.

Came home early. I stopped at the Visiting Nurses thrift shop. I had heard there were good patterns there, but I couldn't find them. I did find some floss though.

This bag was only $3.45. So, I decided to buy them, they look to be in good condition.

This is what was in the bag. I throw out the threads that were not on rolls. I put the numbered rolls in my box, and the ones that were not numbered, I put in my box. As I was putting things away, I realized I need to clean my sewing room again. SO, I'm hoping (yep hoping) tomorrow I can get a good start. I need to get rid of stuff. I have way too much and I tend to keep things for no reason. SOOO, let's see how far I get tomorrow. I'm going to work on the drawers first, then work my way around my work station.....how long will that take....hate to think....but it needs to be done.

While I was putting this stuff away, I washed the sheet. I had taken all the seams out of it, so it was ready for washing. Now I will probably have to iron it before Thursday.

I then spent most of the evening (3-6:30) posting more stuff for eBay. I've got more of Ruth's stuff up for sale. I added free shipping in hopes they will sell. I do have a couple things that are mine. I will get more to sell when I start cleaning out my work station.....ugh.

I got the pattern I order off eBay! It's called Happy Mail! I'm looking forward to working on this! One of the gals I follow made this and I really liked it! So, I'm happy to say, I ordered it and now I can do it! It's a 5x7" project, so hopefully won't take long.

Miss Kitty is in my chair - waiting for me to sit down! She wants my company, so I'm letting her sleep on my chair till I'm ready to join her. At least she's comfortable to go to my chair.

Happy Quilting!!

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