Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Said, "Ta Heck With This Cold "

After going to bed at 7 last night and waking up several times a night feeling like a ttuck ran me over, decided I was going out anyway! Felt better when I woke up. So, left by 7:15 am and went to Arts. It was our monthly casino trip. I could handle it.

We arived at the casino around 9:15 am. I played on the casino money from my card ($13), for an hour. That's pretty good for me. I played speed keno and won $102. That was awesome! Most of he ime there, I was winning and came hooe with more money then I went with.

Came home after picking up cat foodat Wal-Mart (ugh). Finally cleaned the kitty litter box in the garage. Then called it good.

Sat and worked on Nantucket Rose.

I was hoping to have her done by now, but this cold has gotten in the way. I decided to call it an early night again. I can hope this will go away soon! After r weeks of this, it's getting old!!

Have a great night and stay Happy Stitching!

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