Monday, November 28, 2011

My thoughts over the last week

I'll post photo's tomorrow. In the meantime, I've been thinking of what to say on my blog. Were to begin and what to post.

I have been working on my Rose wall hanging and will post the photos and what I've done tomorrow. I did take pictures, so I just need to take the time and post them.

The last week I have been thinking of different things going on in my life. Last Tuesday I received word my Uncle past away on Sunday. I was told by Wednesday when and where the funeral services would be. Funeral Services were Saturday and today was the grave site. I went to the funeral on Saturday, but did not attend services today at the grave site. One reason because it was 2 hours away and the other was he would have a military service with Taps. Taps is one of those things I can't help but cry for. I know my day is coming when my father goes. I'm not looking forward to that day. Life is strange at times. My Uncle (God rest his sole) had a stroke 14 years ago. He has been in a home the last 16 or 18 months. I haven't seen him in 5 years. That was my fault, but at the same time, I remember him telling me when I was growing up, he wanted to be remembered as the person he was, not as a broken man. I wanted to remember him as the person he was and not the person that was limited because of his stroke.

While my mind was on my Uncle, my mind was also on my son coming to visit around Christmas. I was thinking of having him help me in designing a quilt for him. He's such a good artist, and I believe he knows better than I do what he wants in/on a quilt. I also thought of my Hawaiian quilt that I'm quilting. I designed that one and wondered if I sold the pattern how many would really want the pattern. Would it be worth it?

Designing quilts has been on my mind lately. I have found quilt tops I really want to make a quilt out of, but the disappointing part of it is the quilt isn't big enough for a bed. Quilts have become square in size and how can you put a square quilt on a bed that isn't square?! I bought a couple applique pattern in NC (finding out they were designed in CA), and noticed they also were square. I figured out I could make three more blocks for the quilt to make it longer and just as pretty as it is now. Those of course will be quilts I will make AFTER I get a few UFO (Unfinished Objects) done. I'm making progress though. Back to my designing - I woke up the other morning at 2 am and couldn't go back to sleep, so I went downstairs and tried to design a center block I was thinking about. Of course, the idea was there, but the design was not. I need to take more art classes again! (laughing)  I will try and sit down and work on a few designs to see where I go from there. My mother and I designed a beautiful quilt for SWWRDQG that was raffled off a few years back. It was all done in applique.

UFO - someone asked me what a quilter meant by a UFO. We call them Unfinished Objects, which is quilt project that have been started but not finished. They are not quilt project we plan on making, they are project already in the making. So, when I say I have UFO's I have several quilt tops I started and didn't finish, blocks that are done but not put in a top. Tops that are done but not quilted. And the list goes on, but NOT what I want to make, it's what I stared. (FYI)

Christmas is coming upon us and I'm still trying to get a few things done. Not getting very far. Both our TAS groups are having a party with potluck and "white elephant" gift exchange. I found a really pretty pattern on eBay that I think will be fun to have with some fabric or something with it. Not sure which group I will have that one for. Trying to think of ideas for the gifts, so may start checking the internet for a few things on sale. The more I can get the more fun it will be.

I went downstairs on Sunday and got some quilting done on the Butterfly quilt. It is slowly coming along as well. If I'm lucky I can get that and the Hawaiian quilt done so I can have it in the quilt show in February with mom's quilts. I'm hoping I can do that. May have to stay off playing games for a while to get it done though! And anyone that knows me and games, know that may be hard for me to do. (still laughing)

So, as I said, I will try and get photo's posted tomorrow on the Rose quilt I'm working on. It's looking really pretty and the effect I was hoping for is coming to light. I'm down to the big rose on the bottom. I may have it done by Thursday yet!! It was hard not to tell my walking partner that I am trying to get it done for Christmas, since it is going to her. I really need to bite my tongue at times, since I'm always telling her where I am on what I'm working on.

Till tomorrow.....have a great day!

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