Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is the day to give thanks to all our veterans. Since I grew up in a military family, I know the meaning of thanking them for their work and dedication. For 5 generations, my family has served this country. Each generation gave that much more. We have lost family and survived.  A military family knows what it means to fight for this country. They don't take freedom for granite. So, please, instead of spitting on a veteran, how about you say "Thank you!" They are humble people. You might be surprised by their reaction. This is the day we honor them and what they have given us - Freedom - that is slowing being taken away from us.  My Thank You's go to all the military friends and families that served with my father, along with my father, Husband, nephew, and both brothers. Your my world!


Yesterday I actually got a few things done! lol Trouble is, my hubby and I were talking about Christmas. You know, the usual, what are we going to do?, Who are we giving gifts to?, and what is the budget this year? Well, we started going down the list, and guess what?, we figured a few more people in as we were going along. So, I decided instead of buying a gift for a friend, I could make know how we are. Well, that new project I didn't want to start - it got started. I'm working on one of Nancy Chong's 2 Fabric Applique. As soon as I get her permission, I will post the pattern and show you my colors. I was able to mark the top fabric and started basting it on the background fabric. I didn't get very far, but today is the other TAS group at my mothers. So, I'm taking it along and will try to finish basting and then start appliqueing it down.  It goes fast, so hopefully my time line is good. I bought the batting for both this one and the frog pattern I did awhile back. I have the frog for another friend, but she already knows about it.  Looking forward to today! 

Day For A Movie

Today we were woken by Sophie. She wanted us up. lol I enjoyed some time with Sophie while Patrick slept. I added some dirt to the plant I...