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A Week of Fun

This week has been busy as usual. More things then I can to think about, but I was able to get some quilting and applique in. I'm starting to get more done, and enjoying it as I go.

Recently I joined three yahoo groups that are applique groups. I really enjoy seeing what everyone is doing and I love seeing the work. I'm not as talented as most, but I did learn a lot from Nancy Chong. She has wonderful tips and knows what she's doing. I tend to combine different techniques as I go. It's what works at the time.

This is the first block in the BOM (block of the Month) that I joined. There are 5 patterns so far, and I finished two this week - told you I've been working on applique!

This is the second block in the BOM. I have been using my scraps to do this. These are the blocks I was talking about that I decided to change the overall design to make the quilt a little bigger. I have a Jeannie Austin pattern that I am going to use in the middle of the quilt. I want to see…

An Exciting Find

As many of you know, I not only quilt but I also do genealogy. In my going through notebooks, newsletters, and letters (published on the other blog), I found another notebook that belonged to my grandmother or great grandmother. Not sure which one pasted all the newspaper clipping from KS.

Yes, I said Kansas. My mother's family are from Kansas. So, can you guess what I found? I'll show you -

Actually, this was one I kept - because that blue wedding ring is my first quilt. I also wrote an article for the quilt magazine years ago. I wish I could find that article again. I titled it, "Not like my mother" or something like that. I haven't found my copy of the magazine and wonder if I got rid of it when I as clearing out my magazines.

Okay, now I'll show you what I couldn't believe was put between family genealogy, gardening, and then crafts. Here's some patterns in the Kansas Natoma newspaper. I believe they were from the 1940 or around that time.

This is…

Saturday - Quilt Class

Saturday morning was one of those days, I got excited about the class with Nancy Chong, that I ended up an hour early. lol Never fails, I read the information wrong. I never did pick up the class list so I was going off what others told me.

I was thrilled to see Nancy had lost so much weight! I know Nancy personally and was surprised to see her so thin! She's lost a ton of weight and looks great!

We worked on miniature applique. She was teaching us how to relax when it comes to smaller pieces. I was surprised at how right she was! It is easier to do smaller pieces then it is to do larger pieces. She has some beautiful new designs out there as well. So, if you want to see her new stuff, click on the link to the right.

We got a lot of small samples done. From circles, hearts, and skinny stems. I'm loving the skinny stems!

We all worked on the samples - asked questions, and just had a great time. Poor Cil, she seemed a little lost at times. lol

We all learned something new.

Well …

Being Lazy

I guess you can say, I'm being lazy. I haven't done much quilting or applique. I did sign up for a couple yahoo applique clubs, to see if that will get me going again.

I did quilt some last night. Didn't get very far, but every stitch counts toward finishing. I do miss not working on my quilts. I did finish the quilt block for a friend, and since I don't know if she reads this or not, can't post it or say what it is for.

My son gave this bag to his girlfriend as she loves bags. I was thrilled she likes it and she uses it. Made my day, didn't think it was that great of a bag. lol I'm lucky, his girlfriend works on crafts as well. Haven't gotten her to quilt yet, but will work on that too.

Having some medical issues and don't know if that is why I'm being lazy or not. I'm thinking it is, because when your in pain, you just aren't in the mood to do much. Unfortunately, I tend to play on the computer when that happens, and then the day is go…